Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • 29-Aug-2013

    Bus Accident Statistics & Safety

    Beginning in 1980, the Center for National Truck and Bus Statistic (CNTBS) began a national program to research and improve bus and truck safety across the United States. Since then, CNTBS has conducted five major surveys, including the Buses ...
  • 23-Aug-2013

    Who Can I Sue for a Bus Accident?

    Bus accidents, by nature, usually involve a high number of passenger injuries. Unlike typical traffic accidents, which only involve a few victims, bus accidents can easily lead to dozens of injuries and deaths. In the aftermath of a serious injury, ...
  • 20-Aug-2013

    What is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

    A common question asked of the Duncan Law Group when the victim of a car accident comes into our office for help is, "What is my claim worth?" In the aftermath of an auto collision that caused personal injury and / or property damage to you ...
  • 16-Aug-2013

    Three Key Traffic Safety Laws for Chicago & Illinois

    Earlier this year, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued a press release regarding several important traffic laws that took effect for 2013. IDOT places an emphasis on public safety and is heavily involved in a number of initiatives ...

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