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Chicago Lead Poisoning Attorney

Compensation for Illness Caused by Lead Poisoning in Chicago

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than four million families in the United States are exposed to lead in their homes. Approximately 500,000 children under the age of five have five micrograms of lead per deciliter in their bloodstream – the threshold for health concern, CDC reports. Lead is a pervasive toxin that has the potential to damage every system in the human body. Excessive exposure to lead can lead to serious illness, brain damage, and death.

At Duncan Law Group, Chicago personal injury attorney Bob Duncan believes that victims of lead poisoning have the right to pursue compensation for their suffering. If you or a loved one suffered illness from preventable lead poisoning, you may be entitled to money through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Bob Duncan has the skill and resources to help lead poisoning victims to fight for the financial compensation that they deserve. Your home isn’t the only place that you can suffer lead exposure; lead poisoning is a common workplace injury too.

Lead Poisoning in Chicago, IL: A Serious Health Concern

Lead poisoning is a serious health concern in the U.S. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, more than 300,000 children were tested for lead poisoning across the state in 2010. Of these, 1.10% reflected dangerous levels of lead in their bloodstreams. In Chicago, more than 100,000 children were given the same test; 1.30% had potentially dangerous levels of lead in their system.

While this percentage may seem small, it is less than the statewide average and indicates that approximately 1,200 children in Chicago are living with harmful lead exposure. According to the same survey, .80% of children across the United States suffer from toxic levels of lead poising. While .08% reflects thousands of at-risk children, it is a smaller percentage than the average lead poisoning level in Chicago alone.

Understanding Lead Exposure & Children

Lead is a very toxic substance to young children. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, children can be exposed to lead through six pathways.

These are:

  • Ingestion
  • Placenta
  • Endogenous Exposure
  • Inhalation
  • Skin

Experts estimate that lead poisoning is usually caused by deteriorating lead paint in homes. Although adults can experience lead poisoning as well, children are highly susceptible to lead and may exhibit signs of poisoning and suffer permanent damage sooner than adults. Lead ingestion typically occurs when a child touches lead-based paint with his/her hands and then transfers the paint to his/her mouth.

Unborn babies may suffer lead poisoning by absorbing it through the placenta in the womb. But this doesn’t mean that children are the only ones who suffer; inhalation is a serious concern for adults and children alike. This form of exposure usually occurs when an adult disturbs a wall or building that contains lead, creating toxic dust. Lead inhalation is common at construction sites and during home improvement projects. Although lead is no longer allowed in construction projects, older buildings can still contain lead-based paint and building materials.

Lead in Buildings and Houses in Chicago

Although lead was disallowed from consumer paint in 1977, buildings that were constructed before 1978 still contain this dangerous substance. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, over 80% of the homes built before 1978 contain lead. Today, families living in older homes may be at risk of lead exposure, even if the original paint is covered. Peeling, chalking, chipping, and decaying paint can leave children and their families at risk of inhaling or ingesting lead. The Agency for Toxic Substances states that the older the house, the more likely it will contain lead. Additionally, older homes are more likely to contain paint with a higher concentration of lead. Today, lead is banned from construction projects.

Who is Responsible for Lead Poisoning in Chicago?

Lead poisoning is preventable. Although no longer legal in newly constructed homes, it remains a serious health threat to children and adults throughout the greater Chicago area. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development indicates that many statutes exist to protect families from lead poisoning. For example, Title X requires landlords to notify tenants of known lead-based paint in homes.

Landlords must disclose information about known lead exposure in a building when the lease or sell a building, Title X indicates. Without warning, families and individuals could face lead exposure without knowing that their home is dangerous. If you believe that your home contains lead, your landlord may be liable for any illness or suffering caused by the exposure. However, landlords are only responsible for known lead; if the exposure was not foreseeable, you may not be able to file a successful lead poisoning lawsuit.

Do You Need a Chicago Lead Poisoning Attorney For Lead Poisoning Claims?

Attorney Bob Duncan is passionate about helping others. He believes that individuals and families in Chicago should be protected from dangerous lead exposure. Bob Duncan is a leading expert with Chicago premises liability cases. With tens of thousands of dollars in successful case settlements behind him, Bob Duncan has the skill to help you fight for your rights.

Duncan Law Group knows that nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your children. If you believe that your landlord failed to warn you that your home contained lead, Duncan Law Group may be able to help you recover full compensation for your medical expenses, missed wages, doctor’s visits, and other expenses.

Don’t Try to Navigate A Lead Poisoning Claim Alone – Get Skilled Legal Assistance

Lead poisoning can result in serious – if not fatal – consequences. Don’t risk your future with an unqualified lawyer; contact Duncan Law Group today for the legal guidance and representation that you need.