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Attorney Duncan Gives Praise to Instrumental Community Leaders

Posted on June 26, 2013 in
Duncan Law Group|

Attorney Robert Duncan, founding lawyer of the Duncan Law Group, recently recognized various Illinois residents for their continued commitment to improving the local community. On June 19, 2013, Attorney Duncan gave the introductory remarks at the Illinois State Crime Commission’s annual awards dinner, recognizing numerous leaders in the community for their efforts to improve public safety and law enforcement.

Attorney Duncan, who is President of the Illinois State Crime Commission, bestowed praise on numerous community leaders during the event, making his salute to those who make a difference an honor to appreciate their efforts and an opportunity to encourage new endeavors in the future.

The Illinois State Crime Commission is a charitable organization committed to helping local law enforcement agencies find insightful, creative solutions that aide them in reducing crime. With members that include local, state, and national legislators, corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies, international trade unions, national civic groups, and law enforcement members, the commission strives toward making Illinois and communities throughout the state a safer place.

Being President of such a community-involved and instrumental organization is a fitting position for Attorney Duncan. A seasoned and highly decorated Chicago personal injury lawyer, Attorney Duncan has dedicated his personal life and professional career to helping victims obtain justice. As part of his efforts advocating on behalf of those who need a voice in the legal system, he has worked with victims and families from all walks of life and throughout numerous communities of Illinois.

While his record of success is a testament to his legal abilities, it is his passion for helping others and improving communities that really sets him apart. Throughout the years, he has seen first-hand how crime and wrongful acts can harm innocent people, and his efforts with the Illinois State Crime Commission are driven by a genuine desire to keep local resident safe. A talented legal mind and a selfless individual himself, Attorney Duncan shares the same beliefs and passion for improving the lives of local residents as the influential community leaders he honored. For any injured victim in Chicago or the surrounding areas, he is surely an injury attorney that can be trusted in even the darkest of times.