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BNSF Railway Delays from Fright Train Accident

Posted on June 23, 2014 in


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A vehicle and a freight train collided this morning on Metra’s BNSF
(Burlington Northern Santa Fe) line, causing traffic and train delays.
The accident occurred at approximately 7:22 a.m. According to news reports,
the driver of a 2004 Nissan SUV failed to stop the vehicle after railway
warnings activated. The driver exited the vehicle after she stopped it
on the tracks, shortly before the train crashed into the front of the vehicle.

No one was injured and no other vehicles sustained damage in the accident.

The vehicle was removed from the track in about an hour, and law enforcement
did not issue a citation to the driver. According to police, there is
an ongoing investigation into the incident. Although the accident didn’t
lead to any injuries, it stalled the railway’s morning schedule. Most
trains were between 20 and 60 minutes late because of the collision.

Train Accident Causes & Liability

Because of their size, weight, and passenger capacity,
train accidents can easily lead to devastating injuries. According to research, most train
accidents occur at railway crossings, and many of these incidents involve
a motor vehicle.

Train accident liability is, generally speaking, determined by the cause
of the accident. For example, a negligent train operator or railway employee
could cause the accident. Other common liable parties include:

    • Motor Vehicle Drivers
    • Train Traffic Controllers
    • Rain Repairman / Mechanics
    • Track Owners

Train Accident Lawsuits & Compensation

If you suffered a serious injury in a train accident, you have the right
to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. At Duncan Law Group,
our Chicago truck accident lawyers believe that victims of train accidents should be able to hold the
negligent party responsible for their financial and noneconomic damages.
This includes hospitalization, medical expenses, ongoing medical care,
and pain and suffering. To see what our personal injury attorneys can
do for your train accident lawsuit,
contact Duncan Law Group today.