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Bolingbrook Plane Accident Claims Two Lives

Posted on September 26, 2013 in
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A deadly plane accident in Bolingbrook, IL claimed the lives of a husband and wife. News sources report that the crash occurred on Wednesday only half a mile away from their destination: Clow Airport. One of the victims was a surgeon at the Georgetown Community Hospital in Kentucky.

The plane crashed into a bank parking lot. Both passengers were killed but no one on the ground suffered any injuries. Records show that the plane took off from Georgetown-Scott County Airport in Kentucky shortly before the accident. According to witnesses, the aircraft burst into flames when it hit the ground.

One witness said, “It exploded right away. I couldn’t see anything of the plane.”

Another witness said that he and others were ready to help the passengers but could not approach the plane because of the fire. “I got as close as I could,” he said, “And we were screaming for people, if there was anybody that could hear us or was in there. But the plane was engulfed in flames.”

Police have not identified a cause of the accident, but one witness remembers seeing the plane practice “touch-and-go” landings at Clow Airport just before the crash. ABC News identified this maneuver as a common exercise for learning pilots.

The national Transportation Safety Board recorded 1,539 aviation accidents nationwide in 2012. Of these accidents, 280 were fatal.

Design flaws, cabin fires, and air traffic control errors are three common causes of aviation accidents in the United States. Although some accidents are unavoidable because of weather conditions or natural circumstances, most are the result of human error.

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