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Unsafe Workload Increases Risk of Patient Injury, Doctors Admit

Posted on April 19, 2013 in


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A recent study said that almost half of practicing doctors in the United States admit that overscheduling puts their patients at risk. The survey (conducted by Johns Hopkins University published by JAMA Internal Medicine) asked more than 500 doctors to estimate the risk of heavy doctor workloads on patient safety. Results indicated that 40% of doctors said that the number of patients that the saw every month was so great that it exceeded safe levels. 36% of the survey subjects said that they handled an unsafe level of patients as often as once a week.

The survey also indicated that recent healthcare reform may be responsible for the impossible medical workload. With more than 30 million additional Americans receiving medical coverage, doctors are left with more people to care for. This patient influx may cause preventable accidents, though.In fact, 5% of doctors surveyed said that their workload was probably responsible for at least one preventable patient death every year. Statistically, about 98,000 patients are killed by preventable medical mistakes in the U.S. every year. The survey concluded that “Excessively increasing the workload may lead to suboptimal care and less direct patient car time, which may paradoxically increase, rather than decreases costs.”

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