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Introducing Attorney Nicole Roti

Posted on July 12, 2017 in
We, at Duncan Law Group, are pleased to announce an incredible addition to our team, Attorney Nicole Roti. A highly-respected and success-driven personal injury lawyer, Nicole primarily focuses on medical malpractice and wrongful death. She is of counsel to Duncan Law Group, and her time and practice spent taking cases to trial makes her...
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Posting on Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Posted on July 6, 2017 in
We can’t imagine our lives without social media. Even people who claim they could live without it can’t help but check their accounts at least once a day. With the advent of such technology, however, comes the possibility of overexposing your own private information, which can lead to many severe consequences--especially if you are...
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Attorney Robert Duncan Selected for Super Lawyers Top 100

Posted on January 25, 2016 in
Duncan Law Group is proud to announce that Attorney Robert Duncan has once again been selected for recognition by Super Lawyers. For his outstanding work in the legal arena, Attorney Duncan has been bestowed a "Top 100" distinction in the 2016 Illinois Super Lawyers list. Super Lawyers has become one of the most trusted and widely-used legal...
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4 of the Most Common Thanksgiving Accidents

Posted on November 19, 2015 in
Thanksgiving is one of the most widely-celebrated holidays in the United States, and many view it as a great time to enjoy the company of family, friends, and other loved ones. Unfortunately, it is also a time when many people are seriously injured in accidents, often due to the negligent or reckless behavior of...
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What Is Pain & Suffering in Personal Injury Law

Posted on August 11, 2015 in
When you or a loved one have suffered from a personal injury due to someone else's actions, you are legally entitled to hold them accountable. Bringing a suit on your behalf works in two ways: first, it aims to financially compensate you for the ways that this accident has impacted your life, and second,...
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