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Illinois Car Seat Laws

Posted on April 25, 2022 in

If you are caring for young children, you want to ensure their safety at all times. When riding in a motor vehicle, it is especially important to abide by Illinois car seat laws and requirements. Failure to do so will not only result in fines and penalties, but the child could also risk severe injury during an accident.

Requirements for Car Seats in Illinois

The Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act establishes the requirements for car seats in the state. This law aims to protect children by requiring parents and guardians to use the appropriate child restraint seat for the child’s age, weight, and height.

In particular, Illinois motorists must adhere to the following requirements:

  • If a child weighs less than 20 pounds and is under the age of one, he or she must always be placed in a rear-facing car seat.
  • Rear-facing car seats should be placed in the back seat of a vehicle and not in front of an active air bag.
  • If a child outgrows a rear-facing car seat, he or she can transition to a secure front-facing car seat. Between the ages of four and eight, children typically transition from a car seat to a booster seat.

Parents should always check the manufacturer’s height and weight specifications for car seats and select an appropriate option for a child’s size. Children may ride in the back seat of a vehicle while wearing a seat belt when they weigh more than 40 pounds.

What Is the Penalty for Violating Illinois Car Seat Laws?

Failure to properly restrain a child in a vehicle can lead to devastating consequences. Many children suffer serious injuries and even lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents each year. Using the correct child restraint system can help protect children in the event of a collision.

Parents can also face serious penalties for failing to comply with the Child Passenger Protection Act. For a first offense, they could face a $75 fine and may need to complete an instructional course on properly installing the car seat. On second and subsequent offenses, the fine will increase to $200.

The Dangers of Defective Car Seats

Car seats can protect children’s lives during a motor vehicle accident. However, not all restraint systems are manufactured or designed safely. In some cases, defective car seats can lead to serious injuries and even death, failing to keep children safe.

If your child was injured due to a defective car seat, your family deserves justice. Car seat manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products are safe to use. In these situations, you may be eligible for a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

By filing a defective product lawsuit, your family can recover financial compensation for the damages that your child experienced. Examples of damages in defective car seat claims include the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Disability accommodations
  • Property damage
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent disability
  • Mental anguish
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Wrongful death

If you believe that your child was injured due to a defective car seat, speak to a Chicago personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. A lawyer can carefully evaluate your case and strategize your optimal path to recovery.