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Wheaton Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are unfortunately common throughout the state of Illinois, leading to severe injury and death each year. Illinois is a fault-based state, and drivers who cause collisions must pay for the injuries that the victims of the crash endure — but unfortunately, seeking this compensation can be a difficult battle.

If you recently suffered injuries in a car accident someone else caused, you have legal options available to you. The attorneys at Duncan Law Group can help you navigate these processes. With over 15 years of experience in personal injury law, we have helped numerous Illinois residents with their car accident claims, recovering tens of millions of dollars in the process.

Why Choose Us for Wheaton Car Accident Claims?

  • We firmly believe that transparency and honesty are important in a car accident claim. We will always answer your questions, help you prepare for each stage of your case, and inform you of important updates.
  • Our firm values our clients, and we will always put your needs and interests before our own. We are committed to supporting you after an injury and will work with you to find the resources you need.
  • Duncan Law Group operates using a contingency fee system to help limit your out-of-pocket expenses. You do not have to pay legal fees unless we win your case, and we will take a percentage of your settlement as final payment.

Illinois’s Insurance Requirements

Illinois follows a traditional fault-based system, and all drivers must carry minimum amounts of insurance to uphold the required financial responsibility if they cause a car accident. Under Illinois law, you must purchase the following amounts of coverage:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person per accident
  • $50,000 in total bodily injury liability per accident
  • $20,000 in property damage liability

You purchase higher amounts of coverage if you wish, along with additional policies to cover your losses in case you are in an accident with a driver who has insufficient insurance. Under the fault system, you have three main options to collect compensation after a car accident:

  1. You can file an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s company.
  2. You can file an insurance claim under your own policy, if you have the appropriate coverage.
  3. You can file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

While most cases begin in the insurance stage and progress to the courtroom, a different pathway may be right for you. Some car accidents result in serious damages that exceed the policy limits of the insurance company, and filing a lawsuit immediately is your optimal route to maximum possible compensation.

Contact the attorneys at Duncan Law Group to discuss your case and determine your best path forward.

Common Injuries in Wheaton Car Accidents

Depending on the severity of the crash, car accidents can lead to serious, life-altering injuries. Many of these injuries require lengthy and ongoing treatment, leading to expensive medical bills and reduced quality of life.

Some of the most common injuries in car accidents include the following:

  • Whiplash and soft tissue injuries: The force of a car accident can cause your body to jerk back and forth, leading to serious damage in your soft tissue. In particular, whiplash occurs when the muscles in your neck and upper back forcefully stretch during a crash, leading to severe pain.
  • Head injuries: Whether your head hits the steering wheel or windshield of your vehicle or you experience a sudden jolt that knocks your brain around, head injuries can be very dangerous. You may experience brain damage, develop a traumatic brain injury, and suffer lifelong consequences as a result of the accident.
  • Lacerations and bruises: Deep cuts and bruising are common injuries in car accidents, and usually heal quickly with prompt medical treatment. However, serious cases may require stitches or leave scars, leading to significant pain and suffering and additional medical expenses.
  • Amputations: Your limbs are at a very high risk of injury during a car accident. An arm or a leg can suffer extensive and irreparable damage in a collision, and at the hospital, the medical staff may decide to amputate the extremity. In some cases, the car accident itself can cause you to lose an arm or leg.
  • Chest injuries: The impact of a car accident can cause you to hit your steering wheel or windshield, or crushing injuries can cause damage to your torso. Injuries to this area can lead to internal organ damage, which can be life-threatening without prompt medical attention. You may also suffer broken ribs.

What Types of Damages Can You Collect in a Wheaton Car Accident Claim?

Under Illinois law, you can collect two main types of damages: economic and non-economic. In certain cases, the court may also award you punitive damages.

Economic damages refer to your monetary losses due to the accident, and you can usually prove these damages with receipts, bills, and invoices. Common types of economic damages include past and future medical expenses, surgeries, disability accommodations, property damage and vehicle repairs, and lost wages due to your recovery time. If your accident prevents you from returning to work, you may also claim loss of future earnings.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, refer to the physical and mental pain and suffering you endure during the crash. These damages can be very difficult to quantify, but your attorney will have a calculation method to help you determine the estimated worth of your emotional losses. Common types of non-economic damages include loss of quality of life, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, and emotional distress.

Punitive damages are intended to punish the at-fault party for extremely negligent behavior, rather than compensate you for your specific losses. Courts only award punitive damages in cases where the at-fault party demonstrates negligent conduct that is willful and wanton, intentional, or fraudulent.

Were You in a Wheaton Car Accident? Reach Out to Duncan Law Group

The moments after a car accident are crucial — and one of the most important steps you can take after seeking medical treatment is to contact a personal injury attorney. Duncan Law Group has over 15 years of experience in personal injury litigation and recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation, ensuring we have the resources and the skills necessary to build a strong claim in your favor.

Contact Duncan Law Group today to schedule your free consultation with one of our Wheaton car accident attorneys.