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Ready to Bust Out the Grill For BBQs? Make Sure You Stay Safe.

Posted on June 24, 2015 in

After a long and cold winter, nothing screams “summer” more than inviting some friends over and cranking up the grill to share burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. From spending time outdoors to the unique flavor charring food over a grill can bring to the meal, grilling is a summertime activity like none other in Chicago. This summer, there are some important steps you can take when grilling to prevent serious personal injuries that can result from the use of personal grills.

How can I use my grill safely?

There are numerous dangers present from the use of grills, including high heat, sharp utensils, open flames, and serious burn injuries. These injuries can be extremely severe given the excessive time they take to heal, the potential for permanent scarring, and the lengthy care needed by the patient. To prevent you, your loved one, or any guests from experiencing harm during this grilling season, take some important safety precautions to help:

  1. Know the proper way to use your grill, especially concerning how to turn on and turn off the propane tank.
  2. Store any grill accessories and fuel outside of the home and out of reach of any children.
  3. Check your grill for any issues before use, especially concerning fuel lines and any potential defects.
  4. Clean your grill on a regular basis with an approved grill cleaner.
  5. Stay near the grill when in use and make sure the grill is far away from your home to prevent ignition if the flame rises.
  6. Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing and flammable fabrics when using your grill and keep the flame low during use.
  7. Keep extinguishing devices, a fire extinguisher, or baking soda nearby in the event that the flames get out of control.

As with any burn injury, the consequences can be life-changing and severe. At Duncan Law Group, our Chicago personal injury attorneys are here to stand by your side during this difficult time.

If you suffer a burn injury, or another injury, this summer, be sure to contact our experienced team right away. A lawyer from Duncan Law Group can meet you at your home or at the hospital to discuss your options for recovering needed compensation to help you with your injuries. Don’t hesitate- we offer free consultations to get started!