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Chicago Falling Objects in Construction Lawyer

Construction workers spend a large part of each day surrounded by equipment and machinery that can malfunction, or objects can fall from a significant height. Falling objects can include tools, buckets, lumber, bolts, equipment, or debris. What may not seem like a large or threatening object can cause a devastating injury when dropped from above. If you have suffered an injury resulting from a falling object at a construction site, our Chicago falling objects in construction attorneys want to speak with you!

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Who is Liable for a Falling Object Injury in Chicago?

Construction workers can’t always avoid falling object injuries. In fact, their employers may be responsible for accidents as well. According to U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), innately hazardous work environments (such as construction sites) must be held to strict safety standards. These standards are established and enforced by OSHA. If an employer, construction site owner, engineer, contractor, or construction manager is responsible for an OSHA code violation, he / she may be held responsible for any accidents or deaths related to the violation.

If you or a loved one was struck by a falling object at work, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The Chicago personal injury lawyers at Duncan Law Group can help you pursue the money that you need and deserve for medical bills, missed wages, and non-economic damages.

Statistics on Falling Object Injuries

Construction work is dangerous, but this doesn’t mean that construction sites are not held to the same safety standards as any other workplace. According to OSHA, a surprising number of construction workers are injured and killed by falling / flying objects in the United States every year. In 2007, more than 300 construction workers were killed in “struck by” accidents. This number represents approximately 26% of all construction site deaths across the nation.

How to Prevent Falling Object Accidents

Hazard recognition is the best way to avoid a falling object accident, injury, or fatality.

This type of accident is especially likely in the following situations:

  • Heavy materials moving overhead
  • Workers on elevated surfaces (such as scaffolding)
  • Suspended loads, like heavy materials carried by a crane
  • Construction materials stored in high places
  • Failure to follow OSHA regulations
  • Not using safety devices intended to prevent falling objects

To avoid these types of accidents, construction workers should wear hardhats and never walk underneath cranes, scaffolding, etc. In  addition, workers should take extra care to check tools, equipment, and chemicals before use to ensure that a falling object did not compromise the safety of other construction zone equipment.

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