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Chicago Asbestos & Mesothelioma Attorney

The team at Duncan Law Group is dedicated to helping people who have been harmed by the negligence of others to claim compensation for their injuries, and if you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a workplace accident, a Chicago personal injury attorney from the firm is ready to fight for you. One of the most serious types of cases that the firm represents is when a person has been exposed to asbestos in the workplace and has subsequently developed the grave health complications associated with this dangerous industrial material.

About Asbestos Exposure in Chicago

Asbestos has been used by humans for approximately 6,500 years, dating back to the days when it was used to add strength to the clay pots and utensils used by tribes in northern Europe. Over time, it began to be recognized for its fire-resistant qualities, which made it an excellent material for insulation, for use both in providing fireproof insulation in buildings and in other applications such as in making brake pads for trains.

It has, however, been recognized to be hazardous to human health since Roman times, when the historian Pliny the Elder noticed that slaves working in asbestos mines suffered from respiratory illness. More recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has moved to ban the material, and there have since been widespread efforts to not only stop using it but also to remove it from buildings where it has been installed.

Link Between Mesothelioma and Asbestos

People who live or work in environments where asbestos is present are at risk of suffering serious health issues as a result of the fact that small fibers of the material tend to become airborne, where the person may breathe them in. As soon as they enter the body, they are liable to cause the development of mesothelioma in the tissue lining the various internal organs – particularly in the lungs. Mesothelioma is a malignant and aggressive form of cancer, and it is almost exclusively associated with exposure to asbestos.

Taking Legal Action in Cases of Chicago Asbestos Exposure

Proving fault for a case of mesothelioma can be difficult, to say the least. This is due in large part to the fact that it is often challenging to accurately establish the time and place of the asbestos exposure. It typically takes many years or even decades before the individual who has breathed in asbestos fibers to eventually develop mesothelioma, so an exhaustive investigation and study of the situation is necessary to determine who is responsible.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or have lost a loved one and believe that you may have grounds for legal action, contact our firm now for a free case evaluation to discuss the matter with an accident lawyer in Chicago.